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Cloverfield and Viral Marketing

Why i start to write down about viral marketing ? its because i want to watch Cloverfield in the cinema. And before that, as usual, i search in google about this film and it say about Viral Marketing Concept related with Cloverfield.

Nowadays everyone from political candidates to car companies are trying to get their latest marketing effort to “go viral” in hopes of turning hundreds of thousands of people on to their product. In technology terms, viral marketing is what happens when an idea spreads from blog to blog or through email much like a virus spreads in the organic world.

Viral marketing has been around for years. In fact, I think advertising consultants have only called it “viral marketing” so they can charge big bucks to teach companies how to use this “new” concept! hehehe. The illustration is like this :


I think, web like Multiply also push people to do Viral Marketing in their REVIEW part. For example when i write review about books or film i ever saw, i am also become a Viral Marketer … so if someone question themselves why i put a review ? what is the benefit ? .. Na ja, the answer is at least it make me a viral marketer …

ps : And how about Cloverfield Film ? well, i ll post it later after i go home from Cinema. But now i am a little bit afraid, the movie isnt so good, since the reviews are quite negative …

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Mein Kind vom Mars

David a widowed science fiction writer, with writer’s block decides to find out, by adopting an unwanted boy. The boy, Dennis, outwardly acts as if he is a child from our closest celestial neighbor, the planet Mars. David and Dennis appear well suited for each other because they are both living apart from society. David does so by living alone and writing science fiction novels up until the present time of his wife’s death, now he is just alone. Dennis, avoids contact with everyone by taking on the guise of the child from Mars, an alien, a stranger, who acts differently than the norm, and therefore society avoids confrontation with what is unusual. This screenplay is adult in nature because it deals with issues that are unpleasant and upsetting. Taking on the responsibility of rearing an unwanted child, alone, having never actually been a parent, and never knowing if the love you give is going to be returned is a huge step! This is a film that will be appreciated by a very small audience. One must first be able to get past self indulgence and reach a certain level of maturity before one can consider taking on the total responsibility of another life form. Director Menno Meyies has created a very strong bond between David and Dennis in their scenes throughout his film. Unfortunately most of the people on this planet will never see their performances. Go out of your way, go alone if you must, but go see the Martian Child. If you are a parent it will remind you of raising your own children, if you are not yet a parent it will remind you of the childhood you had and the experience of raising your own Martian Child yet to come!


Salami – Baguette

½ Baguette
½ Sahne-Schmelzkäse – Ecke
1 EL Frischkäse, (z.B. Philadelphia)
4 EL RAMA Cremefine zum Kochen (oder Sahne)
Paprikapulver, (scharf)
½ Gewürzgurke(n)
1 Stück Paprikaschote(n), gelb
½ Zwiebel(n)
etwas Tomatenketchup
etwas Chilipulver
Käse (Gouda)

Das halbe Baguette aufschneiden und aus Sahne, Käse und Gewürzen eine cremige “Soße” bereiten. Auf die untere Seite des Baguette streichen, Salami darauf legen.
Paprikastreifen in Stücken oder dünneren Streifen, Gurke in Scheiben und Zwiebel in feine Ringe schneiden.

Darüber einige Spritzer Ketchup geben und ein wenig Chilipulver darüber streuen.
Den Gouda darauf legen und das Baguette für 5-10 Minuten überbacken.

Währenddessen den “Deckel” des Baguette auf den Toaster legen und erwärmen und nach dem Backen das Baguette zuklappen.