Essy Moestl

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Enchanted, Inc

Before leaving Texas, Katie was warned that New York was weird, but she didn’t realise quite how weird. Fairies on the subway, stone gargoyles that are there one minute, gone the next – Katie suspects she might be going mad. And with her boring job and psychotic boss, who could blame her? But then Katie receives a job offer from Magic, Spells and Illusions, Inc., and finds that New York’s not so weird, it’s just that magic is, well, real.

It turns out that Katie is an ‘immune’, which means that magic has no effect on her. In other words, her fellow New Yorkers can’t see the fairies’ wings or the disappearing gargoyles and Katie’s immunity makes her extremely valuable to the magic community, which is currently in crisis and needs her help.

I loved this book. Despite her, um, peculiar circumstances, Katie is a charming and believable heroine. It only takes a couple of pages to suspend disbelief (if that, actually; I was on board from the beginning!) and then it’s a really fun read. Enchanted Inc is the first in a series (Once Upon Stilettos is just out) and I can’t wait to read more.