Essy Moestl

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April Snow

During a highly unusual snowstorm in late spring, a car accident leaves a local man dead, and a man and woman from Seoul beat up badly and in comas. In Su works as a lighting co-ordinator for pop concerts, and has to leave right in the middle of setting up a large concert due to a phone call from his wife being injured small coastal town. When he gets there, he meets Seo Young, a woman attending to her comatose husband. For both of them, the abrupt situation is both tragic, and also very awkward. Their spouses were in the car togther, driving drunk to a location neither knows. This is never clearer than when they have to sift though a bag of possessions recovered from the car. Which one of their spouses owned the condom? On the cellular phones and digital camera, In Su and Seo Young find intimate phone messages and an explicit video of their worst fears, their spouses lounging in bed in a state of casual and intimate humour.

Both In Su and Seo Young are put through the emotional wringer over the weeks of waiting for their partners either to wake up, or pass away At times both wish for either of these two ends for their silent partners. In a particularly awkward scene, at the request of one of their insurance adjusters, they attend the funeral of the local man who was killed in the accident. The mother, deeply mired in grief, as the accident was the result of drunk driving, at first thinks the couple are friends of her son. When they awkwardly explain their relationship to the deceased, the mother sends them away and the family members threaten violence. That particular form of guilt (how are In Su and Seo Young at fault here?) is convincingly examined though a distanced and unusual relationship, which starts with unanswerable, questions and ends with love.