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Knight and Day

Als June Havens im Flughafen auf Roy Miller trifft, ahnt sie noch nicht, was er vor hat. Er ist in Wirklichkeit ein charmanter, jedoch sehr gefährlicher Geheimagent, Roy erschießt alle Menschen im Flugzeug, sowie Killer, aber auch die Piloten, weshalb die Maschine Not landen muss. June wacht nächsten Morgen in ihrem Bett auf, ohne zu wissen, wie sie hier hergekommen ist. Doch bald tauchen weitere Agenten auf, um sie für ein Verhör mitzunehmen. Es kommt zu einer Schießerei, in der June wieder auf Roy trifft, der sie entführt und sie nicht mehr aus den Augen lässt.

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Toy Story 3

Film kartun yg bikin gue nangis terharu !!! Ceritanya ttg Andy, si pemilik mainan2nya yg skrng mau masuk kuliah, hrs menetapkan pilihan buat ngebuang mainan2 lamanya atau sumbangin ke Day Care. Andy diam2 bungkus mainannya pingin umpetin ke gudang, tp tyt jadi terbawa mamanya utk disumbangin ke Day Care.
Ternyata jd mainan di Day Care ngga seindah yg dibayangin, krn mereka masuk sbg mainan di kelas anak2 kecil yg suka menyiksa mainan.
Cowboy Woody yg dr semula ngingetin utk balik ke Andy, satu2nya yg berhasil keluar dr sana, dan balik jemput temen2nya utk kembali ke Andy.
Di akhir cerita Andy menghibahkan mainannya ke Molly, anak pengurus Day Care.

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The Crazies

In Ogden Marsh, Iowa, Dr. Judy Dutton finishes paperwork at the local hospital alongside employee Becca Darling while her husband, Sheriff David Dutton, enjoys a local high school baseball game. Dutton’s deputy, Russell Clank, spots Rory Hamill, a resident, entering the outfield with a gun. David tries to get him to drop his weapon but is forced to shoot and kill Rory. David and Judy begin to notice strange behavior in other town residents; they are slow to respond to questions and repetitive in their answers. The next night, Bill Farnum, a local farmer, kills his wife, Deardra and son, Nicholas.

David and Russell investigate a dead soldier who is found in the woods and eventually find a crashed plane that has leaked a toxin into the water supply. Infected residents become extremely aggressive, attacking and killing other people. David tries to convince Judy to leave town but they are captured by soldiers and taken to a temporary military facility at the high school. Judy says that they are being checked for fevers and speculates the infection is a virus. An alert goes off when Judy is examined and she is taken away to be quarantined. She tries to explain that her fever is due to pregnancy, but is ignored and sedated. She wakes up strapped to a gurney as the perimeter of the facility is breached. The military personnel evacuates, leaving her and a room full of infected patients behind, including Becca.

Meanwhile, David escapes from a group of people being released and rejoins Russell. The two go to the high school and get there just in time to save Judy and Becca from the infected high school principal Ben Sandborn, who is killing the patients in their beds. The group begins walking out of town, hiding from both the infected and the military along the way. While they evade the military, the group is ambushed by a group of infected at a car wash and Becca is killed. Eventually, Russell begins to show signs of infection and then sacrifices himself so that David and Judy can escape.

David and Judy arrive at a truck stop to collect supplies and hopefully find a working vehicle. They learn that the military also killed people who were not infected. They survive another encounter with the infected and escape in a truck as the military destroy Ogden Marsh with a massive explosion. David and Judy reach Cedar Rapids.

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Adopted from the streets of Nasaf by King Sharaman of Persia, young Dastan grows up amongst royalty and quickly earns his place as a mighty warrior and prince. As his brothers Garsiv and Tus plan battle strategies, a spy sends word that the Holy City of Alamut has been supplying weapons to enemies of Persia. Taking matters into his own hands, Tus orders an attack on the sacred city and upon its fall Dastan encounters the beautiful Princess Tamina. When King Sharaman dies under mysterious circumstances shortly after, and Dastan is accused of his murder, he flees with the princess on a harrowing mission to clear his name. Learning from Tamina the true motives behind Alamut’s invasion, Dastan must embark on a perilous quest to stop an evil mastermind’s plot for ultimate power with a mystical weapon that can control the very fabric of time.

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Be Richer!

Earn your riches in the real estate market in this exciting Time Management game. Build your company from the ground up, as you build houses, mansions, stadiums and even whole neighborhoods in Be Richer! Keep your tenants happy by constructing huge shopping centers, providing maintenance, and meeting their expectations. Plan beautiful cities as you reach your goals, turn a tidy profit, and Be Richer!

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Dragon Empire

A Fun Match-3 Adventure !!!

You had a dream build an eternal empire where everybody is happy, people are enlightened and kind to each other. Driven from your homeland by a mighty enemy, traveling the wilderness with a bunch of followers, you discover a wonderful place to settle.

Supply the ever growing Empire with wealth, goods, new technologies and culture and offer protection to its people. Listen to your citizens and answer their needs to unlock hidden rewards. Use your matching skills to earn resources, needed for the construction.

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Puzzle Hero

Game puzzle yang menantang, krn setiap kita jalan satu langkah, langkah berikutnya adalah si lawan (computer). Jd hrs bener2 mempertimbangkan apakah langkah kita akan berikutnya menguntungkan lawan apa ngga. Belanjaan yg bisa kita beli berupa baju jirah, topi, cincin, tongkat sihir, dll untuk melengkapi ksatria kita. Gamesnya meski simple tp cukup mendebarkan. Sayangnya bs kelar dlm waktu 3 hari pdhal menyenangkan bgt utk dimainkan.